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Galuxy Medical is proud to announce its newest Birthing Room Light technology, the LED_18.
50,000 hour life expectancy,
6 pattern sizes,
3 Kelvin temp settings,
wall and light arm controls.
The new LED Light System can be ordered new or retrofit to existing Galuxy Medical Ultralux systems.

We provide top-of-the-line health care products at affordable prices and work to remain innovative while providing products that fit the customer's needs.

Galuxy 6600
Superior optics mean maximum light. Bright, yet cool lighting means less tissue drying, less eye fatigue, more staying power for the surgical team. Everything you need, but without the heat. Learn more...

Galuxy 703
The Galuxy® 703 Orthopaedic and Surgical Operating Table plainly gives you more for less. The top provides body support for other surgical procedures and allows C-arm imaging of upper body and extremities. Learn more...

Birthing Room Light
The Birthing Room Light is designed to be convenient and durable. The Birthing Room Lighting System is built around the state of the art Galuxy Surgical light head. The unique design provides features every doctor will appreciate. It is a unique design that delivers maximum, color-corrected illumination and shadow control in a compact, light-weight 22" light head. It is totally concealed, flush with the ceiling unit, enhancing the birthing room ambiance. Learn more...

Parts and Support
We are owner/manufacturer of this product line. We offer factory-installed upgrades.
Check out the Galuxy 6600
You've never seen anything like it. With true color, shadow control, exceptionally long depth of field and infection control features, the Galuxy 6600 Surgical Lighting System has everything you need, but without the heat.
Galuxy Medical
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