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It's the only low price table with a full-length tabletop.
The top provides body support for other surgical procedures and allows C-arm imaging of upper body and extremities.


You've never seen anything like it. With true color, shadow control, exceptionally long depth of field and infection control features, the Galuxy 6600 Surgical Lighting System has everything you need, but without the heat.

The 6600 light transmits the minimum amount of heat to the patient while still achieving up to 12,000 footcandles. Its infared red filter system filters the light while transferring heat away from the surgeon and surgical site.

Superior optics mean maximum light. Bright, yet cool lighting means less tissue drying, less eye fatigue, more staying power for the surgical team. Everything you need, but without the heat.

Infection Control
Superior infection control is achieved with sealed surfaces that do not catch or harbor contaminants. There's no induced airflow past the sterile handle. A unique feature is the ability to use disposable light gloves - with no awkward adapter - or choose to sterilize the handle. Contoured design facilitates easy cleaning. Everything you need, but without the heat.

30" depth of field
30" depth of field allows the user to move the light head virtually any distance. There's never a need to refocus. Everything you need, but without the heat.

Suspension System
The suspension system is designed to create the least amount of distraction to the surgeon while repositioning the light. Engineered resistance prevents drifting. The light holds its position.

Prism Lens
The 6600 Galuxy prism lens light head has a unique prism design that keeps the light in focus. This eliminates the need for a focus-adjusting device to manually correct the focus when the working distance changes.

The 6600's light head is thermally optimized to transfer almost 100% of its heat away from the surgical site and away from the surgeon's head. Everything you need but without the heat.

A 1,000-hour life means a longer lasting bulb, fewer changes - and it's the simplest, fastest change in the industry. All this means OR downtime is minimized. Everything you need, but without the heat.

Single-bulb technology provides economy and drastically reduces operating costs vs. multiple bulb systems.

Preferred by most medical professionals!

Parts and Support
We are owner/manufacturer of this product line. We offer factory-installed upgrades.

The Galuxy 6600
Everything you need, but without the heat.
Galuxy 703
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