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BRL 18
"formerly Chick/Midmark"

It's the only low price table with a full-length tabletop.
The top provides body support for other surgical procedures and allows C-arm imaging of upper body and extremities.


We are currently manufacturing new Galuxy 6600 light systems. Contact us for sales quotes, light orders, part orders and service requests.

We have existing inventory for the Galuxy 703 Orthopaedic tables as well as some in production. The 703 product line is constantly being reviewed for improvement changes. Contact us with your needs and suggestions so that we can better serve you, the customer.

For any sales quotes, new light or table orders, parts orders, and service requests, contact us at one of numbers below.

Contact Numbers:
Toll Free: (888) 425-8996
Phone: (469) 241-1857
Fax Number: (972) 423-3707

Preferred by most medical professionals!

Parts and Support
We are owner/manufacturer of this product line. We offer factory-installed upgrades.





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The Galuxy 6600
Superior infection control is achieved with sealed surfaces that does not catch or harbor contaminants. There's no induced airflow past the sterile handle. A unique feature is the ability to use disposable light gloves - with no awkward adapter - or choose to sterilize the handle. Contoured design facilitates easy cleaning. Everything you need, but without the heat.
Galuxy 703
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