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You've never seen anything like it. With true color, shadow control, exceptionally long depth of field and infection control features, the Galuxy 6600 Surgical Lighting System has everything you need, but without the heat.

Birthing Room Light

The Galuxy Birthing Room Lighting Systems (BRL-6618) are configured and individually installed in your birthing room. The light and arm are designed to provide you with the ultimate solution in compact, cost effective birthing room illumination. Its state-of-the art, surgical quality illumination that sets the standard for birthing room lights with unsurpassed shadow control and deep cavity illumination.

The Birthing Room Lighting System is built around the state-of-the-art 6600 Surgical light head. A unique design that delivers maximum, color corrected illumination and shadow control in a compact, light-weight 23" light head. The Birthing Room Lighting is designed to be convenient and durable. And you get, power extension from, and retraction to, a concealed ceiling housing unit in a matter of seconds. It is totally concealed, flush with the ceiling until it's needed, enhancing the birthing room ambiance.

BRL-6618 lights feature a computer-designed, drift control suspension system. The 78" each arm allows you to easily position the light precisely where you need it.

Review or download the PDF with complete specifications.

or view a video LED Retrofit https://youtu.be/pweEDYYsQbc

Parts and Support
We are owner/manufacturer of this product line. We offer factory-installed upgrades on customer owned tables. We offer factory refurbished 703 tables.
Birthing Room Light
Operation of the automatic system is as easy as one, two, three:
1. Flip the switch on the wall-mounted control box.
2. Watch the ceiling open and the light descend to its down position.
3. Direct the light precisely where it is needed.
Galuxy 703
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