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It's the only low price table with a full-length tabletop.
The top provides body support for other surgical procedures and allows C-arm imaging of upper body and extremities.


Galuxy Medical obtained the manufacturing rights to the Galuxy 6600 and to the Galuxy 703 Orthopaedic and Surgical Operating Table and will continue to produce them while making innovative changes to improve the product lines.

Offering Factory refurbishments on lights and tables

  • We can refurbish your equipment in-house
  • Offer you a loaner table or light in the interim
  • Offer you the choice of trading your equipment for a totally refurbished unit or having your equipment returned to you once it is refurbished
  • Offer to retro-fit your equipment with any new change or accessories not available at the time your equipment was purchased
  • Includes product warranty

Buy • Sell • Trade

We also have used equipment (tables and lights), either reconditioned or totally refurbished.
  • Several Chick CLT 10500 Ortho Tables
  • Several Galuxy 703 Ortho Tables
  • One Chick IOT 10800 Ortho Table
  • Two sets of dual Chick/Midmark 6500 surgery lights
  • Assortment of reconditioned parts and accessories

Call with your needs.

Preferred by most medical professionals!

Parts and Support
We are owner/manufacturer of this product line. We offer factory-installed upgrades.

Check out the Galuxy 6600
A 1,000-hour life means a longer lasting bulb, fewer changes - and it's the simplest, fastest change in the industry. All this means OR downtime is minimized. Everything you need, but without the heat.
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